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Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Horrible Today

I felt horrible today. So stressed about the coming PSPM in two month. Well, that's not a new experience for me. Actually, I just want to tell something here.
Lately, my schoolmate from TEJA send message to me. When I ask him who he is, he didn't answer. So, I ignored his message.
Few days later, his unknown friend wants to befriend with me. I ignored him too because of my "unknown" schoolmate. Poor that guy.
Well, all my friends knew that I am not interested for someone that I do not know. That is my principle.

For all gentlemen out there, please be honest when someone ask you about yourself...

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  1. yup...that's rite...u got to stick to what u think is the best for u...after all u'll not gonna loose anything...just ignore the freak that's not being honest...n u...gotta stay focus...ok!